Thursday, January 27, 2011

Theology of the body Thursday

From reading the Wednesday audiences that Pope John Paul II delivered in 1979, I can see how passionate he was about love.  He wanted us to learn to love each other as God planned.  We weren't going at it the right way, love had not been the central theme of our culture for many years, and the pope wanted to show us the path back to having it as the centerpiece of every heart.

Sometimes a subject sounds too complicated, too much to grasp in our busy lives, much like the Theology of the Body.  For years, I knew about it, knew it was important, but with small children at home keeping me pretty busy, I didn't pay any attention.  In fact, I remember saying to myself, "I know I need to read this, but not now."  The thing is Theology of the Body is not complicated at all and today, I can't get enough of it!

Perhaps those of you that are reading this feel that same way.  We are all very busy people!  Children, schools, homeschooling, jobs, careers, there are lots on our plates on a day to day basis; and if you only saw the book, "Man and Woman He Created Them, A Theology of the Body"  with it's 663 pages of content, you'd say Whoa! someday, but not today!  I know, I'm there right with you.  Though I am reading the big book, I started with the book, "The Theology of the body made simple" by Anthony Percy, with just 91 pages.  This one you can do in a week or 2, just bring your highlighter, hehehe.  If you ever borrow a book from me, I'm warning you, there is yellow in the pages.

Do not be discouraged or intimidated by Pope John Paul II's teaching.  This was his passion to teach us to love and be loved...the right way.  To respect each other first, giving dignity to all those around us, first.  When there is respect and dignity, love follows.

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