Monday, January 17, 2011

The Revised Roman Missal: changes are a-coming around the mountain!!

We are what we are, people of habit.  There is no way around it, when it comes to making a change from something that has been done for years it is going to be a job getting everyone to participate.  The Mass has been changed in the past, I was there as a very young child, but I do remember saying the Mass in Latin.  It was mysterious, but reverent and spiritual to me.  That was some 40 years ago and it's time for some updating and reverting back to a more biblically based set of responses and prayers.

To help you get through this change, there is a great booklet, "Understanding the Revised Mass Texts" can help for a very small price of $1.25 plus shipping.  I've read it and will share some highlights from this publication with you each week.  I encourage you to purchase this booklet, it should probably be available at all the parishes for their parishoners to purchase.

The Catholic Church is ever changing and discovering itself in how she teaches and brings forth the mission Christ designed her for. No dogma or teachings are changed, no! Just how it is brought to the people.  As a living, human entity, the Catholic Church is constantly learning about the past and ways to reach the people of God.  To quote this booklet:

"The third edition of the Roman Missal in Latin was published in 2002.  Our current translation dates to 1973, and some parts of the Mass first appeared in English as early as 1970.  After a generation of usage, the translation we know well is being revised to reflect the current Latin edition.

Translators now have a better sense of how to achieve desired results.  They have a firmer grasp of the meaning of the original texts and of the demands of oral proclamation.  The revised translations will have more depth.  As people say and hear the new words, they should appreciate even more the value of the faith they hold so dear."
I completely agree after reading these changes, I can't wait to share more with you.  Until next week.

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