Monday, January 10, 2011

A requested post about the List of 5 people in history

Last week I had a discussion with my youngest as we drove around doing errands.  The question, what 3 people in history (which turned into 5 persons) would you like to have a 30 minute discussion with turned out some very interesting names from my 14 year old as seen here.  Evan, from evanscove suggested that I post about this list of names, its simple really.

1.  Her first choice is the Women's Sufferage hero, Ms. Alice Paul.  Back in 2008, prior to the election, still homeschooling, I planned a lesson about the struggles women had to go through just to be able to vote.  As we studied about Women's Sufferage, we began to learn about the heros of this fight.   Evidently, Ms. Paul left enough of an impression on my youngest for her write an historic paper on Alice Paul: Women's Sufferage, last fall for school getting to know her further and voila, she would like to have a nice chat with her.

2.  CS Lewis was second on her list since reading the Chronical of Nania and loving the stories.

3. As homeschoolers, curriculum is fair game to the parents, which can be designed according to their students' interest.  As our oldest daughter was getting bored with the history books in her 8th grade year, I decided to change things up a bit and have her study a president each week.  This way she can get to at least # 32 and the historical events surrounding these gentlemen.  We also took a constitution course  last year.  As our youngest watched her sister's admiration for Gen/Pres. Washington grow even to the point that we took a trip to DC for her to visit Mt. Vernon, evidently it rubbed off enough to have George Washington make the third slot.  Incidently, Washington was born the day after our oldest daughter and died on the younger's birthday......hmmm.

4.  Mr. Tolkien was chosen in the 4th slot as she absolutely loves the Hobbit, and is reading "The Lord of the Rings" right now.  I think that it is also that he and CS Lewis were dear friends could certainly be playing a part in this list.

5. Jesus made it, whew!  Actually, I understand why He is 5th, she thought for a minute and had an "Aha!" moment and said, "Jesus!" 

Note:  Not exactly where she got the information on Benjamin Franklin, but I think I'd still like to talk to him especially about the kite and the key.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow up. You're apparently doing an excellent job of instilling intellectual curiousity in your girls, as well as spiritual guidance. :-)