Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Old Testament calls out and the New Testament answers back!

Our Lord calls out to us from the Old Testament, "You are mine and I will give you my salvation which reaches to the ends of the earth.  Our strength is His strength and in his sight we are glorious.  Enlightened we are sent forth to all the tribes of Jacob to restore the hope of the people in God and His mighty desire for us to know Him and His Kingdom.

Through Psalm 40, the Lord tells us He wants us, not our things of sacrifice, no burnt offerings; just that His will, "should be our delight."  Open obedience, He has greater plans for us, with His strength.  We can do all things with the strength of our Lord, we are assured.

In Corinthians, Paul answers back from the pages of the New Testament, acknowledgement of God as He who has sanctified us as Jesus Christ.  Called to be an apostle of Jesus Christ, he sends greetings to all in Corinth and beyond his time to us in the far future.  The Bible, never out-dated, shares the message of the Kingdom of God to all peoples, all of God's children.

And, we shall not restrain our lips!

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