Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Memoirs of Mary

If Mary had a diary, what a story it would tell! My biggest complaint about the Bible is the lack of information about Mary, her days of raising the young Savior.  We know she held all the truths about her divine son in her heart, that she followed Him throughout his ministry leading up to his death and resurrection, but what were her thoughts?

Dear Diary, today I was visited by an angel, he told me that I shall bear a child.  What is Joseph to think?  How do I tell him, what will he say?  I shall serve God as he wills, but I am so frightened!

Dear Diary, Joseph needs some time to think about things, he's very upset.  God, please don't desert me now, I will do your will, but what about Joseph?  Please help him understand and trust me.

Dear Diary, Joseph loves me and will stay by my side!  He had a dream and an angel told him about your plan for me.  Oh thank you so much God for you care and help, thank you so much!

Dear Diary,  The baby kicked for the first time today, how amazing this new life is!  I am feeling a bit better today and can finally feel the miracle the angel told me would be happening soon.  I trust God and an am strengthened by his constant love.

Dear Diary, this trip is long and cold.  Joseph is patient, but tired of the travel as I am. Hopefully, when we get to Bethlehem we will find a place to sleep.  I am so exhausted, the baby should come soon.  I'm not ready because of this trip. I must not slip in my trust in God, He knows how things will go....I must keep my faith!  I'm so tired!

Dear Diary, Praise God he is born!  We are fine, it wasn't too bad, but I am glad that it's over.  Oh the baby is so sweet and beautiful.  Joseph was so good and helpful.   Many shepherds are coming and angels are everywhere.  What God has done!

What do you think Mary wrote?

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