Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 'haves' and 'have-nots' Which one is better?

Everybody knows a "haves"...if it isn't themselves, striving for the next dollar, better car, house, etc.  You see many of them at the malls, constantly finding more things to match, fit, or simply to have another, 'backup' piece of clothing.

Jesus was asked by a man that was considered a well-to-do, what he needed to do to gain his place in Heaven.  Jesus' response?  Well, you remember how that went, right?   When told that he had to leave all his belongings and follow Him, the fella couldn't bear that and walked away grieving (Matt 19:22).  Why was he sad?

Have you ever thought about that part of the story?  He had many possessions and was told to earn his place in Heaven, he must sell all his possesions and give the money to the poor.  With many possessions, he must have been one of those who worked hard and kept all his stuff, purchasing more as the money came in.  Looking around, he saw those who didn't have what he had and knew that wasn't the life he wanted.  That life looked hard, unrelenting, persecuted, and insecure.

We see those people today, at the street corners asking for help, in lines, walking the streets; it looks tough and unsecure.  To those of us with warm beds, heaters, and a safe place to go at night, it seems so scary to be poor and at worse homeless.  So, we give, and give more money to their cause.  Bring canned goods to the city pantries, pray for them, slip someone a couple of bucks or buy them a lunch (so we know they didn't use our money to buy wine or cigarettes).  But you know something?

The 'have-nots' just might be the lucky ones.  I mean, they can start from the bottom up and not be attached to 'things' like we are.  In a way, they are the fortunate ones.  I'm crazy, right?  Well, think about it, if you look around your cozy office, bedroom, or whereever you are at the computer, you have things you are pretty attached to.  If someone came up to you today and said, "You have to give up your stuff, sell it and give all the proceeds to the poor before you die, or you won't be heading to Heaven."  What would you do?  Go away, grieving?

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