Saturday, September 4, 2010


At Adoration yesterday, deep in thought with Christ, I noticed a gleamy shine in two place in my sight.  One was the monstrance, where the Holy Eucharist was displayed; the other was on my own hand. My wedding bands seemed to match the golden monstrance made to enhance and protect Christ's body in the humble form of bread.

When the monstrance is displayed on the Altar it represents something very special, it is the throne of Christ during Adoration.  It is the symbol of Christ's love and redeeming care for us. Time spent in Adoration to Christ has proven time and time again to be beneficial strengthening the love and hope of the believer.  During Adoration, we reach out to our God, trusting Him and loving Him and letting Him know this with our time and heart.

My wedding bands are displayed on my hand to represent something very special.  They are a symbol of the unending love and devotion I have for my husband.  Time spent with my husband prove time and time again to be beneficial to strengthening our love and hope for the future.  Together with Christ, we reach out to God, trusting Him and loving Him allowing Him to work through our marital bond to bring life and love into the world.

Gold from the Altar to my own hand, the connection of my devotion to Christ and to my husband.  Both the monstrance and my wedding bands are sacramentals that represent the most amazing thing in the world......... love.

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evanscove said...

Beautiful reflection! Thanks for sharing it.