Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chewing gum during Mass: Is that you?

Chewing gum during Mass. Not just chewing, but munching, smacking, and plainly looking like a cow working on a load of cud in the pasture.

Ok, so we hear many say, "Well, just be glad they are here, present and accounted for."  Cast not judgement...... yeah, I know.  But what about the responsibility of understanding?  Understanding WHY we attend Mass is the main issue here in my book.

Why is Mass here for us, celebrated, what is it?

1.  It's a Prayer
2.  It is a time for sins to be forgiven
3.  A miracle happens during every Mass
4.  It's a gift from Christ Himself
5.  We celebrate it at His request, "Do this in memory of me"
6.  It's educational, at each Mass the word of God is opened to us.
7.  It's meeting Heaven on Earth
8.  Together with the angels and saints we gather in His name
9.  It is the offering up of our sorrows, transgressions, and thanksgiving
10. It's reaching out together with my brothers and sister in Christ to my God

Being prepared for this event takes some effort.

1.  Look at the readings prior to getting to Mass
2.  Find something or someone that needs extra prayer and offer your time at Mass for them
3.  Practice self-discipline and skip your coffee and breakfast at least one hour before Mass
4.  This includes GUM
5.  Make your time at Mass a sacred time that is your gift to God, who loves you more than you know.
6.  Respect those around you that are there in prayer for someone or something dear to them
7.  Dress as if you were meeting your maker and all those who you have read about in saint books
8.  Actively practice peace and patience during the time of preparation for and after Mass
9.  As you leave Mass with Christ in your stomach, remember that He is truly physically within you now.
10.Be blessed and bless others with your gift of love for God and His sacrifice for all mankind.

Now, would you still show up in flipflops, chewing gum?

I hope not.


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I personally have not seen anyone in hair curlers or flip-flops or with a mouth full of gum. I think Father would have something to say about the latter. He does not hesitate to say something if he thinks someone is desecrating the Mass or treating the Host in an unholy way. People listen to him. Maybe we are just old-fashioned in the little mostly Mexican town where I live.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. So much depends on the attitudes we bring with us to the mass, which deserves the utmost respect (just think of Paul's rebuke to the Corinthian church for failing to treat the Eucharist with appropriate reverence).

Are these adults or kids that you've noticed chewing gum? If they're kids, the parents should teach them that that is inappropriate. If they're adults, then shame on them! They should know better.

The mass is not a social gathering or a time to be entertained. It seems too many Catholics have forgotten that.