Monday, August 16, 2010

Book Review: Angel in the Waters, by Regina Doman

"Angel in the Waters" is a precious book that needs to be shared with every young woman of childbearing years.  My daughters are in their teens and when I returned from the Catholic Writer's Conference Live a few weeks ago, we sat down and read it together. Both were quiet and in deep thought while the story unfolded. 

With each beautiful picture and conversation the baby and its angel have, one begins to realize that this is what happens within the womb. It is well known that the baby can hear and feel, as well as seek security in thumb sucking while in the darkness of "Mother".

After reading "Angel in the Waters" I thought it just made sense that this little book should be in every OB/GYN office waiting room and possibly supplied to young mother at a pregnancy crisis centers.  This suggestion is an expensive endeavor surely, but the touching reality of life within the womb is clearly revealed in these pages.

This book was supplied to me by Regina Doman, from Sophia Institute Press, at the Catholic Writer's Conference Live and Catholic Media Network trade show earlier this month.


Leticia said...

Ebeth, this was a wonderful review and I agree completely, this is a wonderfully pro-life book. I also found it consoling when my mother passed away, the angel in the waters promises to bring the baby into the next life after this one.

Tracy said...

Hi Ebeth,
I found your blog on the Catholic Homeschool Blog directory and I just registered my blog under NC. I love this book Angel in the Waters. Yes, it would be a blessing to have a copy of this book in all OBGYN offices.
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Where in NC do you live?
God bless,

Tracy said...

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