Saturday, July 31, 2010

A knight's birthday

Today, the Pillars household is celebrating my knight's birthday.  The weather is absolutely beautiful, the garden is calling his name as I write and the pets are all coraled around him as usual for their daily morning routine of being fed, walked, petted, and played with by 'daddy'.  The coffee is perking and the requested birthday cake is sitting teasingly in the glass cake stand.

Another year has passed, we are stronger, wiser, and as my knight says himself, we love each other more and more every year.  I think much of our success has come from my knight's father a true giver, family historian, and devoted husband.  He loved his wife and four children with all his might and devoted himself to the service of his church each and every week and then some.  He was a pillar of strength and love and my knight was watching.

No matter who you are, to whom you are, you are being watched, studied, and we forget that. You don't have to be a parent, you can be an uncle or aunt, someone is watching and being impressed for the better or for the worse.

My knight's father knew our Lord, believed in Him, served Him in others unselfishly and the impression he left was immaculate, for this we are blessed and I thank God the Almighty for that.


NotJustLaura said...

What beautiful thoughts. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday to your DH.

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy B-day to your beloved! Glad to hear you and yours are all doing so well. Having good role models goes a long way in helping a person build a good foundation for their own family.