Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Recently, a situation came about that needed our complimentary personalities to surface and respond for a resolution.

My knight, the gentle spirit that he is, needed my take on a situation. My reaction put a totally different spin on it and it got him to think about it in a new light. He promptly got to work on it and new things are abounding. (Prayers, please!!)

Marriage does that, we are matched for different reasons, all for the good of the team. A friend of mine and I were talking about this and she had a similar situation to share with me about her marriage. One is stronger in one way, the other can handle things the other can't, and vice versa.

Marriage is necessary for so many reasons, not just for child-bearing and rearing, but to grow stronger, working out situations as they come with love, patience, and determination.

We are stronger people for being married, richer, and more powerful in our ability to live together harmoniously, if not all the time, much of the time.

The important thing to remember is this: with every person, you have no control over the other, just oneself. We cannot change what another person thinks or feels, but we can control how we think and feel. With prayer and trust in our Holy Father's providence, we can overcome our own shortcomings, hurt feelings, and idiosyncrasies that prevent or stand in the way of dealing with others' shortcomings, hurt feelings and idiosyncrasies. Progress in our relationship with our spouse, parents, in-laws, and children is nearly impossible without prayer.

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