Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Rainbow.....

Too bad it has to now be more visible as to symbolize the gay lifestyle. Even the word gay had a fun and light definition, now you can't use it simply to explain how the day went.

As an arty person, I feel completely robbed of a symbol that expressed color to it's max and the sign that God gave Noah in His covenant not to flood the earth again. Now, it's a symbol of sinfulness, rebellion, and just plain societal tom-foolery against the Creator's plan.

What a shame.


Christina said...

Aw, don't let it get to you! No one has a monopoly on these things, and if people are smart, then they'll realize the intent behind your words or use of a rainbow.

This reminds me of back in high school. I had a teacher who was fond of saying, "How queer..." when something was strange or interesting in a weird way. She usually tried to stop herself mid-sentence when using it, though, because of immature students who would just laugh.

Esther G. said...

Ebeth, I live in the land of rainbows and I know what you mean. BTW, I know a couple who is trying to take back the English language by using words like they were supposed to be used and that includes the words gay (happy) and queer (odd) in every day conversations. None of that PC stuff for them.