Monday, May 24, 2010

My mom needs your prayers!

She is in incredible pain. At 78, she is burdened with both Osteo. and rheumatoid arthritis and last year she fell braking her pelvis. It healed, but there was still lots of pain. An MRI revealed the nerve damage and it's getting worse. On top of this, last month she got shingles, which is also very painful.

My mom is one that when you call and say, "Hey Mom, how are you?" she say, "Hi, Elizabeth, I'm fine." "You ok, everything going good with you, Mom?" "Yeah, just fine, how are the kids?" (in other words, new subject)

The shingles are nearly gone, except for some residual tingling and sensitivity, but she is hoping for a pain blocker this week for her back. She is unable to raise her legs to get into bed, stand up, much less move around without excruciating pain.

She lives 10 hours from us and my sister-in-law, a nurse, is practically the only one who helps her. My mom is always in pain, always, but still volunteers at the hospital, drives people to doctor appointments, and up until recently, attends Mass every morning.

Please pray for her today? She loves the rosary and St. Jude. Who's the saint for back pain and arthritis?

God be with you!


Anonymous said...

I will gladly remember her in my prayers. May St. Jude intercede for her.


Denise said...

Will definitely add her to my prayers.


Mary333 said...

I will pray for her, too. I don't know who the saint is for back pain and arthritis but I know a mother who loves moms.

Adrienne said...

Shingles are awful. So sad that your precious Mom is hurting. I will pray for her and send cyber-healing rays ...

JoannaB said...
This nun knows who all the Saints are for everyone - when you find out - I will look out for it in the comments as my mother is the same age and experiencing the same problems - even down to the Shingles recently. She has been unable to go out for a year now. Please keep her in your prayers with your mother and I will do the same. :)