Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Catholic Vote

How much of a Catholic would you say you are?
How much of your Catholic upbringing effects your decisions?
Would you be wrong if you brought the tenets of the Catholic Church's teachings to the voting booth?
What are the Tenets of the Catholic Church's teachings?
Are you aware that you are to be pro-life? Respecting life at ALL phases?
Attend Mass every chance you can, but especially on Sunday?
That lying, cheating, stealing, adultery, greed, swearing,over-indulging, lukewarmness, etc are all sins and should be confessed...at least once a year?

As a Catholic myself, I know that I am 99.9% Catholic in my thinking, choices, and not perfect, but the Eucharist is VERY central to me having Christ feeding my body and soul weekly.

It is not easy being this way, but here I am Lord!! I will cast my vote to the best of my ability to the prolife candidate with God as their central decision-making influence.

This will be hard, so I am praying as I go.


deanna said...

None of us are perfect. Voting is so difficult for me for all the reasons you listed. Our beliefs are clear, but politics are all gray!

Christina said...

I'm converting, so I can't say that I'm Catholic quite yet. ;)

The more I learn and commit, though, the more my Catholicism affects how I vote. The first thing I look for in a candidate is whether or not they're pro-life. If they're not pro-life, then I look at the particulars of their voting, their causes and agendas, etc. to see how concerned they are with bettering the quality of life for the citizens in our country.

No, I don't think I'd be wrong with bring the Church into the voting booth with me. If the church helps me to convict myself to my already existing morals, then I don't see how I could leave the Church out of the voting booth!

I'm glad you mention that pro-life is about protecting life during all phases of it. :)

Yes, Mass on Sundays for certain. I like to go in the week if I can, but being sans-car until Hubs gets home makes that tough.

I'd say at least once a month! Sigh. I cannot wait to go to confession! It kills me that I can't yet go...

Anonymous said...

My beliefs are central to my decisions as a voter. It saddens me to see so many Catholics who espouse leftist causes, especially being "pro-choice." And then all those Catholic politicians who support such things... It should make us sick. Yet it seems most Catholics are Democrats and vote for these pro-choice candidates. If you can explain that to me, please do, because I can't figure it out.