Monday, April 4, 2011

Keep your Eyes on Jesus

Sitting quietly during adoration after Holy Thursday Mass tonight, a lady moved to a closer pew next to Jesus' Tabernacle. Solemnly she gazed at the tabernacle adorned with fresh lilies, white bouquets of flowers, and candles. I've seen that expression before, it was at funerals where one of the closer relatives would stay near the coffin longer and seem more intimately moved with sorrow as to say something terrible has happened and the loss will be immense.

Jesus' passion is still painful for us to hear, still horrific to imagine, still amazing to know that He did it for us. Innocent and mighty, divine and human He didn't have to, but He did...for us.

Something else is necessary here, however, it's not just our knowledge of His sacrifice and salvic deed we need to remember, but it's the trust we must have in it! Trusting completely, because of His death and resurrection, He gave us an EASTER!

With Christ's passion comes the salvation of the world, meaning that everything will be alright now. This is hard to completely understand and trust in , I know. It's just like learning how to bat a ball, "Keep your eye on the ball," they say. I never understood how watching the ball instead of how I was holding the bat could help me be a better batter, but I hit that flying ball nearly every time watching it.

As I sat in Church, I realized that no matter what is going on in the world around me, keeping my eyes on Jesus will be the saving grace needed to get through it all. I've never tried this completely before, but I'm going to now.

Keeping our eyes on Jesus, focusing on His saving love can give us the hope of a better future - maybe not here, but maybe when our time is over and we're called home to be with Jesus in Heaven. We have no knowledge of our future, God only knows when the 'thief' will come, but comfort can come from our focus.

Until then, Jesus also gave us the gift of Church in which to learn to pray, hear His Word, and praise His holy name. This, too, can help us focus and rebuild our faith each time we receive Christ in the Eucharist. Allowing God to work in and through us, we can help others building their trust as well, which will multiply like the loaves and fishes that fed the crowds for Jesus.

Keeping our eyes on Jesus, remembering His passion, His gift of love to and for us, focusing on His words, focusing on what He did, focusing on Jesus can get us to home plate.

It's nearly Easter, are you ready?

Just stay focused, keep your eyes on Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I can relate to the lady with the "funeral" look in her eyes. In fact, I may have had the same look as well while I prayed before the sacrament last night after the service.

Yes, if we keep our eyes on Christ, we stay afloat. If we look instead at the tempest around us, we sink. But I often feel like the man in Mark's gospel who said, "Lord, I believe. Help thou my unbelief."

But Easter is on the way! I have to keep reminding myself that Christ has entered into our suffering and conquered death for us.


Anonymous said...

Well said! In my latest blog post I wrote about how much God yearns for us and loves us. In Jeremiah God laments how His people have turned his back on Him. We need to turn around and keep our eyes on our Lord. (

Ebeth said...

Evan, as always, I thoroughly appreciate your thoughts and comments you are a true Catholic friend

Jennifer, thanks for the comment and I appreciate your thoughts. I tried to look at your blog, but to no avail...

Lenten blessings to you both!