Friday, November 13, 2009

My Ode to Autumn

Summer days are great fun, but as the months go by and the temperatures begin to calm down into the 60's in the evenings, I get excited. Each night I wait for the weather on TV (not wanting to watch any other part of the news), I haven't the timing skills my knight has who just calls out 'Weather!" and it's there. Then I just sit and watch as all the fronts, highs and low systems come through, and the temperatures begin to cooperate with my heart strings.

The summer days are hot, with the sun shining so brightly, my hair needs to be up in a perpetual braid or ponytail 24/7, and sweat seems to be a way of life. When the temperatures cool down and the sun isn't quite so bright and intense, I release my hair from it's imprisoned state and layer on the sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, and beloved jeans! As an avid crocheter, all my crafts come to life now from scarves, wraps, and favorite wrist warmers, I am all to happy to adorn!

Colors, textures, smells, and sounds are incredible in the autumn season, from the crunchy golden leaves, to the crackle of the fire, and the smell of delicious wood burning in fireplaces throughout the neighborhood just gets me high! Spices come alive during these cooler days which seem to warm the body and soul with each meal. My family waits for all the spicy, meaty meals and rich rolls and desserts with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice intermingled.

Pumpkins orange and nubby, apple cider warm with a sprinkle of allspice or just cold out of the fridge, deer corn for sale road signs, and the trees become such spectacles of color everywhere! Their colors of red, yellow, gold, orange, light green, brown, flicker in the breeze and dance off rooftops, roll across the streets, teasing the neighborhood cat make Sunday afternoon drives so enchanting. I just can't help myself in autumn! God gave us the spring to be renewed and peaceful, the summer months to reel in vitamin D and lemonade, but He gave us the autumn to fall in love with His creation again with all the techno He can throw at us!

Oh! there is so much to say about the autumn! Have I already begun or should I start now? Days when you just can't get warm and more layers are needed, days turn dark much sooner and lends to families tucking in sooner, sipping hot tea and honey. The children rake up leaves to jump in or hide in as the temperatures give way to invigorating walks that get longer and longer together with my special guy.

Not being too silly to think that Autumn needs to be year around, as it is only too missed and so welcomed when it comes back. Others may not agree with me and that's totally ok all of God's seasons have a purpose and benefit, truly. As for me and my favorite season, I would only be too thrilled to yell from the rooftops, out the car window, or sing a glorious song through the open windows as the autumn smells whirl into each room, yeehaaw it's fall!


Colleen said...

Love your description of autumn. Moved to Florida from New England and I miss those days and you brought them all back to me. God bless!

deanna said...

I miss Autumn. Living in Florida it simply means the snowbirds show up and crowd the stores and roads!