Sunday, August 16, 2009


What is security? What is it that makes one feel secure? Is it money? A job? A spouse and/or children? All the above? Security means something different to different people at different times. Well, here's a thought that struck me as I was walking this evening.

Prayer is a source of security.

Of all the things we do on a daily basis, nothing brings us a certain kind of peace than prayer. No matter whether standing in line, driving down a highway, at the office, home, during a class, at night or just getting up in the morning, prayer is a pause. We are focused, being rather quiet and paused from our regular activity. During the bad times and the good we resort to prayer at our Father's knee. "Oh dear Father, help me say the right thing." We bow our head, or just close our eyes for a moment, we clench our hands together and talk to our Father, "Help me, guide me, keep us safe." We stop everything for a moment and step back from our daily routine and step into another realm in communique with God or our Lord Jesus, "Dear Jesus, you know what is best, help me to accept your will." Prayer gives us hope.
Prayer then would be a place of security no matter where we are or what we are doing.

Prayer is acknowledging God's presence
Praying is seeking Him
Praying often is getting to know Him and His will,
Praying unceasing is establishing a relationship with Him



Catholic Mom of 10 said...

Lovely reflection..

Denise said...

Thank you Ebeth. I've passed the "Loyal Friend and Visitor Award" on to you.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Amen, only in Him are we truly at rest. (Glad you liked my vacation pictures.)

notjustlaura said...

Just wanted to thank you for this post. It really got me to thinking and I've written about it here.