Monday, August 3, 2009

The Catholic Church is NOT Democratic

And she isn't supposed to be. Jesus isn't our Shepherd to make our lives comfortable and even-steven. Christ didn't create His Church to work for us, but to make us work for God! In a democracy, the citizens are protected, taxed, and regulated. In the Church, her citizens are taught, corrected, forgiven, and given a chance to start abide by the teachings of Christ Jesus our sovereign king. The Catholic Church is the ruling body that provides a place of worship, is the place where we meet our God in the sacraments. It is the stronghold that does not release it's reigns for the political arena for the sake of convenience, providing an easier go of it. She maintains a source of security for those to cling to while we journey through our earthly lives.

We can't muscle our way through Church teachings demanding change and the relaxing of her laws. We can't go through our lives angry that she won't change for our convenience. We can't manipulate her and expect a response in our favor.


Adrienne said...


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

The Catholic church is also not a popularity contest although sometimes we forget that, too.

EbethW said... proud to be Catholic, but more importantly, be proud that you live the Catholic teachings!

Standing up for this is standing up for life, liberty and eternity.

Thanks Adrienne and Elizabeth!

Daily Grace said...

Reading your wonderful posting, this scripture reading comes to mind from (Revelation 3:16) "So, because you are neither hot or cold,I would spit you from my mouth".

Sadly, so many Catholics have become lukewarm.Many of us are on the cafeteria plan.

I pray for us all to be on fire with our Lord and to be obedient to His Church.