Friday, July 3, 2009

Book Review: Magnificat, May 2009

Magnificat, Vol. 11, No. 3. May 2009

Another The Catholic Company book Review has been a true pleasure and learning experience…as usual! As an official reviewer for them, I got excited when the call came out for takers of several copies of the May issue of the Magnificat, so I clicked YES without even thinking twice.

This issue, while being true to the Marian month, also honored the people of China. With May 24th being the annual Day of Prayer for the Church in China, Magnificat delivered a wonderful issue about the saints from this region in the “Saints of today and yesterday.” There are so many saints now thanks for Pope John Paul II (The great) that it was refreshing to learn about saints that aren’t so common like Saint Aemilianus, Bishop (6th century) who was said to have lived to be 100. Blessed John of Saint Dominic Martinez, priest, Religious and Martyr (1619) who was brave enough to enter Japan with another priest and was imprisoned, dying there under harsh treatment and deprivations. Saint Augustine Yi Kwang-Hon, martyr (1786-1839), a native Korean, he was married with a son, but still refused to renounce his faith unto death. Saint Peter Van Van Doan, Martyr (1780-1857) from Vietnam, served as a lay catechist, he lived to be about 77 during several waves of anti-Catholic repression and was finally beheaded on May 25, 1857.

Meditation of the Day is another feature that I looked forward to each morning. One in particular brought me to tears:

An S.A.S. Soldier’s Prayer

I bring this prayer to You, Lord,

For you alone can give

What one cannot demand from oneself.

Give me, Lord, what You have left over,

Give me what no one ever asks You for.

I don’t ask You for rest,

Or quiet,

Whether of soul or body;

I don’t ask You for wealth

Nor for success, nor even health perhaps.

That sort of thing You get asked for so much

That You can’t have any of it left.

Give me, Lord, what you have left over,

Give me what no one wants from You.

I want insecurity, strife,

And I want You to give me these

Once and for all.

So that I can be sure of having them always,

Since I shall not always have the courage

To ask You for them.

Give me, Lord, what You have left over.

Give me what others want nothing to do with.

But give me courage too,

And strength and faith;

For You alone can give

What one cannot demand from oneself.

Lieutenant Andre Zirnheld (+1941)

Who served in WWII with the British S.A.S. He was killed in action in Libya, this prayer was found on his body when they found him.

Anyway, along with these regular features is the format that closely relates to the Liturgy of the Hours with canticles, Hymns, and antiphons for each day. Morning prayers and evening prayers, daily Mass readings, and the canticles of Mary and Zechariah are conveniently located on the back cover along with the Canticle of Simeon and the Te Deum. If only the actual Liturgy of the Hours could be written so easily!

All in all, this is a true blessing to your daily prayer routine, in deed! I still leaf through this issue for prayers, meditations, and saint information. You can obtain your copy or subscription through The Catholic Company after reading this glowing review.


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