Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Coexist

This is not exactly a very popular bumper sticker in my area, but I have seen it and know about it. There are many interpretations of the sign itself, but the message is that all should get along despite our differences.

Now I like that idea and it is a goal to really shoot for, but there is an element that is missing in this concept that I am not so sure everyone who displays this message realizes. It's the clear understanding of each other IN their differences without spite.

Is this possible? Can we take the time to understand why one person worships Abba, another Jesus Christ, another God only, and yet others who either do not believe in a higher being (creator) and those who do, but worship the "almighty dollar" and all that it brings to them? Can we really take the time to learn these positions and even their etiologies?

It takes quite a bit of time and resources to accomplish such an understanding. Talking, reading, visiting places of worship, being a part of the process of understanding wholeheartedly. No one has this kind of time! Is it possible to tolerate /coexist with something that is wrong? In our society now, there are no wrong answers, way of living, so does coexist mean "leave me alone on my own individual existence"? If so, I guess what this bumper sticker is really saying is, just keep your mouth shut, I'm living the way I want to live despite you, so be nice!

I don't know, just a thought.

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