Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pope speaks to the families of the World

Quoting St. Peter, who said, "We must obey God rather than any human authority," the Holy Father told his listeners,
"The Word of God speaks to us of an obedience that is not mere subjection, nor simply an obeying of orders, rather it arises from an intimate communion with God and consists in an interior vision capable of discerning that which comes from on high and is above everything."
With the traditional family constantly threatened by society, it seems that we must be boldly living the traditional life. I just found out that another divorce is eminent in my neighborhood, the husband moved out a few months ago, the wife is getting the house ready to sell, the children surely are effected. How could this have been we know these things are happening? Can we help in any way?Yes, it is our business, we are the body of Christ as a whole society. As families, we must understand the importance of our presence in society.

He added,
"It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit which God grants without measure."
Benedict XVI affirmed:
"Our contemporaries need to discover this obedience, which is not theoretical but essential.

"It means opting for specific forms of behavior which are based on obedience to God's will and which make us fully free.

"Christian families, with their domestic, simple and joyful lives, in which day by day they share their joys, hopes and concerns, and live in the light of faith, are schools of obedience and environments of true freedom. They know this well who over many years have enjoyed marriage in accordance with God's plan, […] experiencing the goodness of the Lord who helps and encourages us."

Before continuing the Mass, the Pope emphasized that "Christ is truly present in the Eucharist," and he is the "bread that comes down from on high" to strengthen us and "help us face the effort and fatigue of the road." The Pontiff added, "He is on our side."

Yes, halleluia, Christ is truly on our side, who can be against us??  If God, our triune Father, is for us, blessing us, giving us His graces as we pray, how can we not prevail?  We must, not alone either.  Halleluia! AMEN!

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