Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Book Review: Finding Faith in a Skeptical World

Chet Galaska, a convert to Christianity from atheism, found his faith in his brothers and sisters that rallied around him throughout his life. Finding God and especially Christ's love and brotherhood spurred Chet to write it all down to share with others searching for the same thing he found.

Reading his book, at first I was struck on how completely detailed he wrote each topic, 27 topics specifically with 2 final thoughts at the end. In plain language, easy to understand comments he makes it clear how each topic brought him to Christ and his new life. In the Introduction, he says he doesn't "represent myself to be a scholar or my explanations to be scholarly." Sometimes, plain writing or non-scholarly sorts have more effect on folks searching.

It is also amazing how closely I related to his way of thinking. On evolution he explains very well the different schools of thought, but that the bottom line is there is obviously a Divine overseer. In reading the Bible not as a "plopped in your lap from the sky" God-written, but God-inspired in cooperation with appointed men collection of books and that knowing the history behind the words help to understand the message. In the chapter covering Sin, Chet talks about the differing of opinions of what is sinful. He is very kind and correct in his approach of the Roman Catholic Church. I liked that, in fact, I kept thinking that at some point Chet's next step was converting to Catholicism.

The bottom line is this, whether you are searching, already a believer in Christ, or just curious, Chet's book is a nice read to enjoy, learn, or just remember why Christianity makes total sense in this crazy and very skeptical world.

Thanks Chet, I appreciate your effort, your kind words concerning the Catholic Church and certainly your appreciation for all the Christian churches. Your book should be read by many and I highly recommend it.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for the excellent review of Chet's book. I enjoyed it as well.

It's amazing to read how much understanding God has given to Chet to allow him to write such a book.