Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-Inaugration blues

As a very concerned citizen apprehensive of this new corrupt administration about to take the helm of my country, I am frightened.

Why, you ask?

1. FOCA: The Freedom of choice Act. See below on an earlier post concerning this

2. "Spread the Wealth" concept and the misleading high hopes that this "chosen one" has allowed to go too far. Let all those who think that BO will fix your financial woes, think again. You will still have to pay your mortgage, car payment, property tax, taxes for groceries, licenses, and doctor bills. You will still have to find work YOURSELF, and the great chosen one doesn't really care about the little people.
Rest assured this is the true reality, not the one on the campaign trail.

3. The corrupted people that have been chosen to join this administration, all with their own agendas and we are NOT part of it. Self-gain and continued pork-barrel spending will be the norm.

4. Morality, family, and basic freedoms will be compromised, ie: Talk radio

The list goes on and I have no hope for better. I do pray for his safety, however, I don't want BO to be hurt in any way as this will bring on a new wave of horrific violence with destruction to many all over the country, because I firmly don't believe the racial differences are over, it has just been continued and highlighted during this campaign.

Dear Father Almighty! Please hear my pleas for safety and righteousness. Protect us and our country, protect our young, unborn, and old who under this administration will loose their worth and viability, protect our families against those of this administration that desire all "rights" to be realized whether for the good of our world or not. Hear us and answer our prayers. Through Jesus Christ's name I pray.


elena maria vidal said...

You're not the only one. I'm a bit scared, too. Let us unite in prayer.

Colleen said...

I am scared as well. Will pray right along with you.

Adrienne said...

Me too!

Diana said...

I'm praying that our new president will be guided by our Lord.