Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catholic Schools.....not so Catholic anymore

Cindy and Deacon Tim at Twoedgetalk share a great commentary about the Catholic School system in America today and some history in their podcast called 102 Education, Part 1 In our small Catholic homeschool group's Saint Society meeting yesterday, we all talked about how our studies of the saints and the history of the Church and her struggles have taughts us so much.

Deacon Tim spoke about how parents of Catholic schooled children ask about their grades and not about their souls. Wow!! what a concept, to be more concerned and interested in how your child's soul is progressing and not just the future of the mortal body in the higher education system?

Which is worth more? Which lasts forever? Which one is the most important in the long run?


deanna said...

I have an interesting perspective on Catholic school and why some parents send their children to them. I would agree that often the reasons are far less spiritual than one would like to think.
This may be a post soon.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I homeschooled for several years before sending my kids to Catholic school. I am a little disappointed in the spiritual content but all in all it is a good atmosphere with GOD involved in all the subjects - which is why I send them there rather than to public school. Catholic parents who care about their children's spirituality need to remember they are their child's first Catechist, regardless of where they go to school.

Barb, sfo said...

Don't be so quick to paint Catholic schools with a broad brush. Not all Catholic schools, and not all parents who send their children to Catholic schools, are as you describe. Yes, we are as concerned with our children's academic progress as we would be no matter what school (or home school) they attend, but we are also concerned with their spiritual health. We send our children to Catholic school because we expect that they learn about their faith and have it reinforced all throughout their school day.

EbethW said...

Barb, I know, I know, and I applaud you and your husband for doing an amazing job, but you guys are the EXCEPTION! You and I both know several families that are doing a great job with their children in Catholic schools, but I saw something very alarming when we were sending our children to the parish school, and so are many others, both lay people and priests, bishops alike. Things are being written about it and reform is needing to be implemented.

That what I am saying here.

Suzanne said...

Parents of the children in the schools who want them to be more Catholic, need to really speak up and often. Look for little things and get others involved who believe, pray, and think like you. Have a mom's prayer group at the church that meets faithfully. Participate in helping out at programs and keep very close in touch with the pastor if it is a church connected parish school, I mean.

There was a mess at ours. We live in a small college very liberal town and many parents sent their kids to our school because of its high grade in academics. Before long, that is all that mattered. They even won the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award. Well, la-di-da-da..
that is not what matters. The past two principals were women who had other agendas. The past pastor was a sickly priest who frankly didn't feel up to fighting some of the battles. Parents who cared kept foot in front of the other and praying.
Our pastor retired a little early and the new one arrived..ready to make some HOLY changes. They let go of the principal and hired a very HOLY and good Catholic man (we have a middle school and they needed a MAN) and things have changed dramatically! The kids are getting much more "religion" integrated into other subjects and programs. They pray the rosary, go to ADORATION and have May Crowning, All Saints Day celebration dressed like the SAINTS, etc. Uniforms are back.
It has just grown so well in the past couple of years. If the atheists who don't want their kids there now because of it...too bad, but only a handful of families left. So be tell your readers..not to give up.
BTW, I am a former homeschool mom who chose to homeschool for the very reason that the Catholic schools have been messed up.
Pray for more women to become nuns again and we will see even better things happening. The old "nun"
stories are not nearly as horrific
as the trash that has occurred in our good Catholic schools in the last 35 years or so...bring the sisters BACK! AMEN :)
God bless!

EbethW said...

Suzanne! AMEN, sister, AMEN!!! What you went through, the school connected to the parish is going through even to the very diverse uniform much to chose from..oh my oh my!!

We have a woman principle right now and a single-agenda pastor who doesn't see everything......ya know?

Thanks for your words...I am truly encouraged. As for our household, we will continue to homeschool...the parish school won't be ready in time for my daughters to return....oh well.

Suzanne said...

Well, keep praying, keep encouraging other families who do go who think and pray alike for the True Faith to be taught there. I hope the best!
I posted a comment about the puzzles back at my place. :)