Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Holy Innocents.

How can we save more unborn babies, so that we don't continue to add to the Holy Innocents in Heaven? Be prolife, learn about abortions and how they are performed, see how damaging it is to our society. Understand that one abortion effects many, not just the mother, it kills the baby, forever changes the mother, which will ultimately effect those closest to her.

Having a baby, even an unwanted or (let's change that to unplanned)baby has it's joyous moments and future planning to think of. One is always looking to the future as they carry a growing baby inside them.

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Colleen said...

Very nicely done. When my son became a father at age 17, we were all so crushed by the news. We were grateful that abortion was never an option for them, but it was difficult to adjust to the news, to say the least. My grandson is now 9 years old and has brought love and laughter into all our lives.