Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prayer for the Unemployed

Jean, Catholic Fire, has this posted on her blog and I came across it at a time when our family is deeply concerned for our son, who is unemployed. I am praying this prayer for our son, Marshall, and the many others that have found themselves without a job. Thanks, Jean.

Dear Father in Heaven, and all the Saints who are known to help those in most need, especially Saint Joseph, Saint Jude, Saint Anthony, Saint Therese, and Saint Josemaria, we humbly beg you to hear our cries for help to provide work and income for those among us who need just those things, patience and loving trust in your Divine Providence for those who must wait for these things to come, and strength, creativity, inspiration, guidance, and energy for those who must search and struggle to find these things. We trust in Your desire to answer our prayers as quickly as possible; we believe in Your holy promise to provide daily bread, and we ask you to respond mercifully to so many prayers, from so many of us, for our brothers and sisters in need. Thank you. We love you. Amen.

~ Via Catholic City.


Anonymous said...

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Jenny said...

We have always sought the intercession of St Joseph for all things work related. Thank you for sharing this prayer.

I'm a new follower from Catholic Mother's Online…I would appreciate a stop by my blog to return the favor.

Anonymous said...

Amen... God knows I need all the prayer I can get right now. No job, no prospects. Things aren't too rosey at present...