Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Carnival 197 - A post election reprieve from my misery.

This post-election carnival is a blessing as it has been my diversion from the disappointment and deep disgust I experienced early this morning. In the midst of production, I realized that if there is one thing that I am in the process of learning of this election, it is that God didn't fail us, we did. I know that there were thousands of novenas prayed, fastings endured, and more frequent daily Mass attended, but not in vain! It is but a lesson in strengthening our faith in the common good of man. God, our creator, Himself said that we are "very good," so we need to pick up our broken hearts, dreams, and shattered confidences and make the next 4 years a fight for the conservative movement to continue to grow and flourish.

Without further ado, I present this week's carnival 197. No pictures this time as I needed to get 20 submission at least scanned and set up in some sort of fashion very little time. The carnival is divided into categories, I think Sarah did that first and I thought it convenient and easier to set up. Thanks to all who submitted this week! God Bless.


Sarah, in our Behold Your Mother, shares her post called, "Blankie Prayer." Now that I've had the rosary as my companion for years, I notice that when I'm troubled, when I can't find the words, or when I am fearful, I latch onto the Hail Mary. Does saying it just occupy the part of my mind that needs activity? Possibly. But I think there's more to it...

A Prayer to my Mom, is a great sentiment that probably many of us feel about the etiology of our Catholic faith. I know I felt a kindred spirit with Dave's every word. As he puts it, humbly: Its just a prayer that came to me in Mass today as I looked at the loft, where 43 years ago, my Mom began the self sacrifice of infusing Catholic Liturgy into my being. Go visit him at his blog, Catholic Journeyman. Thanks, Dave.

Book Reviews:

Steven, from Book Reviews and More, shares a review called, Saving Mister Nibbles! Elliot's Park Book 2 - Patrick Carman
The first book in a great series for younger children. Patrick Carman is becoming one of my favorite author's. He writes for children, teens and most of his books will engage an adult. This post links to reviews of 7 of his 9 current books.

This That and the Other Thing has a book review called: The Rosary: A Journey to the Beloved: My Review
A review of a lovely book containing artwork and scriptural meditations for each mystery of the rosary.

This That and the Other Thing Has another book Review: How Harry Potter Cast His Spell
A review of How Harry Potter Cast His Spell , a book which explains the Christian symbols and themes in the Harry Potter books.


Kelly shares a great take on indulgences, in fact, one that could be used as a classroom lesson, hmm. Anyway, in her post, Feast of All Souls and Indulgences posted at Visits to Candyland, she gives us a story and some history that you'll enjoy. Thanks, Kelly.

A Catholic Life blogger, Matthew, shares St. Charles Borromeo for
November 4 the Feast Day of St. Charles of Borromeo, patron saint of seminarians with us. Remember to pray for his intercession for traditional seminaries, rectors, and seminarians.

Can Angels read our minds? Jeff, from his blog,, tries to explain how they do their jobs among us.

Jay, with Deo Omnis Gloria, wants to share the stark reality of pro-choice. Popular Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui explores the horror of abortion and asks you to think about it as you enter the polls next week. Warning: this video should NOT be watched with children in the room. But I dare any pro-choice to watch this.

Bob, shares a post called, Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome. On November 9, the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome is celebrated. I regret not getting to read and watch all the YouTube presentations in this post due to time restraints. Thanks, Bob.

Marcel, back in Aggieland, TX, blogs at Aggie Catholics eloquently handles the topic How Do We Know The Church Teaches The Truth? I scanned his post and felt that he did a good job.
Thanks, Marcel!

Always a pleasure is Jean and her unrelenting wisdom. I present to you her post, "What does it mean to be a saint? Ten steps to follow." I have got to make time for this carnival!! One just needs to clear an hour or 2 to visit Jean at, Catholic Fire, to know she means business about the Catholic faith and her Church!! Thanks, Jean!!!

Deanna, a fellow catechist, sends our way her post, "The Blessed Trinity" and her thoughts about one of the central mysteries of the Catholic faith. You can visit her at her blog, "Not Lukewarm" and learn more about the Catholic Church and her faithful commitment to catechesis.


Amidst possible devastation, Colleen and her husband found roses from Heaven and hope in her share called "The Little Flower." Thanks, Colleen....whew!

This next submission comes with a cringe on my heart. Whatever the issue, (I suspect pro-life) standing up to the hierarchy of the parish can be wounding. My prayers for Jen during this process and recovery. Here is her post, Speaking Out in Defense of My Church posted at Home Scribbles.

Steven, wearing another of his many hats, Book Reviews and More has been working "overtime" to get the B-Team current in his post, Amateur Catholic - Back up and Running. Amateur Catholic is another great way to promote your blog. After over a years hiatus it is back up and running. as they state:
We don't write books or do speaking tours.
In fact, we barely do our jobs.
-We're the B-Team of Catholic Bloggers-

Christine, the soccer mom, from her domestic vocation blog shares how she is scaling down her household in her post, "Simplicity." This is something I have wanted to do for many years, especially in the closets of my darling Knight!

Why I do what I do" is the name of the next post that Kimberly offers for our carnival. As a mom of 3 great kids, I relate to her witness as a Christian mom, who is both pro-life and pro-family! Here, she says, "I do what I do because I love God and because I love my four kids. Loving them means that I must be a better person and teach them the ways of the Catholic faith. I must also teach them to serve Our Lord by helping others. I must each them that the Right to Life is the foundation of all the rights and without that the other rights do not matter."


Denise Hunnell shares many of my readers' sentiments in her post, Pro-Life Mission of the Domestic Church, posted at her blog, Catholic Matriarch in my Domestic Church aka Catholic Mom. Thanks, Denise! Now, to roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Army of Martyrs, has his opinion on the Catholics in America in his post, "Traditionalists" where he says: I discussed the term "traditionalist"/"trad" as applied to Catholics who prefer the Latin mass and asked whether our liturgical problems today were really all that new.

At "A Catholic View", Christine explains the dispute in her post, "Doug Kmiec takes Archbishop Chaput to task for his remarks on voting" A Catholic Dissenter disses Church teaching, and one of our finest Bishops. Again, I scanned, but didn't completely study her post, but I will take time later after the carnival is up and running. Thanks, Christine!

Chris presents Trust God with your Career and your Finances. Trust God with your Career and your Finances |

Next, Lionel, Acid42 is the Soft Asian Enemy, submits his post, Fear Not, Take Courage, which he describes: I recently composed and recorded a reflection song based on 3 Gospel stories of healing, dedicated to all those dealing with sickness and pain in their lives. I hope this song blesses those praying for healing, and gives comfort that God indeed does work miracles in His time.

My good blogger friend, Sarah, returns to the carnival for a second and yummy time with her post, Farm Girl Turns Foodie. As she puts it, "I don't usually read about food (never, actually), but I took a risk and discovered a book that was a lot of fun (especially from my farm girl roots)."

"...Catholics morally cannot vote for a pro-abortion candidate. In this election that is Senator Obama." has been the battle cry from so many Catholic and Christian bloggers, but to no avail, for shame! Elena at "My domestic Church blog gives us her take on "Why this election matters" I, along with so many of you guys are VERY disappointed in those who say they are pro-life and then turn around and vote for BO. For shame! Thanks for your dedication for all the babies, Elena!

Sheer Beauty:

Hilary shares a beautiful poem that I decided to showcase completely, from her blog, Hilary flanery.

Yes, I know November
The tolling of the bell,
The whispers of the suf’ring souls
From mountain top to dell.
The chilly, gray, damp mornings
The rusting of the leaves,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Like moans from one who grieves.

And in the windy noon-time
When clouds fight 'gainst sun's might,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Cry, "Sanctuary light!"

So 'fore the red-glassed candle,
Compelled, I go to pray,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Plead, "Sacrifice today!"

Now, deep, dark sanctuary
Is lit by candle, bold,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls...
"Your prayers are autumn gold!"

So like the leaves of autumn
I fall to kneeling posture,
The whispers of the suf'ring souls
Beg, "Say a Pater Noster!"

The flicker in the red glass
Burns hotter, now, with Creed.
Oh, yes, I know November!
The month of Hope...souls freed!



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