Friday, October 3, 2008

St Cyprian's Martyrs Poem

“O feet! blessedly bound, which are loosed not by the smith, but by the lord. O feet! blessedly bound which are guided to paradise in the way of salvation. O feet! bound for the present time in the world that they may be always free with the lord. O feet! lingering for a while among the fetters and crossbars but to fun quickly to Christ on a glorious road. Let cruelties, envious or malignant, hold you here in its bonds and chains as long as it will; from this earth and these sufferings you shall speedily come to the Kingdom of Heaven. The body is not cherished in the mines with couch and cushions, but it is cherished with a refreshment and solace of Christ. The frame, weary with labors, lies prostrate on the ground, but it is no disgrace to lie down with Christ. Your limbs unbathed are foul and disfigured with filth; but within they are spiritually cleansed though the flesh is defiled. There the bread is scarce but man liveth, not by bread alone but by the Word of God. Shivering, you want clothing; but he who puts on Christ is abundantly clothed and adorned.”

Saint Cyprian

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