Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Master Catechist........someday???

As long as I've been writing my blog, the discussion of my journey to become a master catechist has sprinkled these pages. I have been working on this certification since July 2005 and have plugged along taking one or 2 courses at a time. Early this spring, I was approaching the required number of courses along with the other activities, such as attending spirituality events, teaching adults, and attending diocesan events. Doing all these things and the courses, I made my formal application for MC. The diocese told me that my courses didn't include 4 topics that were required. I had fallen in love with Ecclesiology and took too many of them and an extra Church History course, so I needed to take an additional 4 courses to finish.

Granted, I was totally discouraged, exhausted and took a few weeks to shake it off and reconsider things. Then swallowing my impatience, I signed up for 2 courses, paid for them and bought the books. I then plotted out the other 2 courses and discussed this with the diocese and it was approved. The first 2 courses went well, the third course was a breeze, 2 days before the 4th and FINAL course, I receive an email from the university of which I am taking these courses informing me that "due to low enrollment, the ecumenism course has been cancelled. The next ecumenism course is next year.

Is there a message here? Just wondering.


Adrienne said...

There's always a message. Where we screw up is decerning what it is...

EbethW said...


Though you won't ever read my blog again, all I have to say to you is:


Do others agree with this "Dr"? I'm a big girl....I can handle it.

Adrienne said...

"Dr." Barrett - First of all I highly doubt that is your name or that you are a doctor. No real doctor would do what you just did.

Elizabeth happens to be a level headed, kind, and all around good Catholic lady.

I have never witnessed her being "mean" or judgmental. We all have a right to voice the truth when it is called for.

You speak as a true liberal who, when confronted with the truth, resorts to ad hominem attacks. You have no basis for saying the things you have said and your "threat" to never visit this blog again is really a blessing.

deanna said...

I'm a bit late weighing in (I was away) but I would agree with Adrienne's comments far more than Dr. Barrett. How on earth would this person know if you are physically, emotionally, or spiritually in a position to be a master catechist? And as you pointed out once on my blog, a rant every now and then is fine. I think it keep us sane and shows our humanity!
That said, your diocese has some very stringent requirements. Is it possible to take the course elsewhere or do some independent work to satisfy the requirement? Or maybe, this is your time to work on your own writing and do some studying that fascinates you rather than a requirement?
Sometimes the message is perseverance.
peace, deanna

phatcatholic said...

I have a Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, and I say you are perfectly fit to be a Master Catechist! :D I also think there is a message in your trials to be an MC and the message is this: the devil doesn't want you out in the Lord's vineyard sowing the seeds of the Gospel! Resist him and he will flee from you (maybe "Dr." Barrett will too, haha)

Kitchen Madonna said...

Want a pomtini Ebeth?

(Obviously, the "good" Dr. needs something else!)

Mwah and onward and upward!

EbethW said...

Thanks dear friends for you wonderful encouragement! looks like I will be a Master Catechist after the first of the year. I talked with Our director and she has "grandfathered" me in!! Yipee!!

Hugs to all!

phatcatholic said...

Praise God! This is good news!