Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Election and What are our children thinking?

With only a few precious weeks to go, we are now in the last real push for all the candidates to win our votes before November 4th, so it doesn't take long before another plug comes over the airwaves. Of course the presidential election is in the forefront of our saturated brains and all their claims of fame, what they think of the other, the problems the other side caused, and what they plan on doing to make it all better.

Obviously my knight and I have complained in front of our daughters about how sick and tired we are of all the mudslinging and blaming which is now the norm. The younger generation is watching as proof as my youngest asked in the van yesterday: "Mom, do the candidates have to do what they promise they'll do when they get elected?"

My answer, unfortunately was the truth....."No, not really, it's a bigger picture than they paint for us."

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