Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP!!!!!!

I wonder if she likes AVON??


Kitchen Madonna said...

I bet she does Ebeth!

Isn't if fun to be a girl?


Soul Pockets said...

I second that! She is so real and tough. I am sure she is an Avon kind of gal. :)

Ebeth said...

This is a wonderful time to be a girl!!! You said it KM!!

Wow,,,,,,I am still just saying WOW!

Brian Michael Page said...

Unlike EITHER of the presidential candidates, Sarah Palin GETS IT!

Marie said...

I just wrote a piece on the differing views between the Palin family and the Obama family.

I watched Sarah's speech on the news and became SO rapt up that I was jumping up and down saying 'you go girl'..'tell em how it is Sarah! YAY!..I ended up giving myself a migraine LOL! And spent the afternoon in bed. But it was the BEST migraine I ever suffered lol!

Thank goodness Senator McCain's speech was more sedate, I dont think I could have taken two migraines in two days heehee!

With humour and friendship:)

Marie xoxooxo

Adrienne said...

Of course she uses Avon. She doesn't have the time or the where-with-all to go shopping in some fancy store.

And girls - have you checked out Cindy McCain's shoes?? I'm a high heeled kinda gal and her shoes are gorgeous!