Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Left Facebook. It's not for me

To all my blogging friends:

I have deactivated my Facebook account. It seems to me that it can be an accident waiting to happen with personal information out there in the public and awkward moments with folks I didn't know wanting to be my "friend" sending me "things" and trying to "buy" me" Yikes! Meeting up with people I knew in a business relationship seeing a side of me that wouldn't ordinarily be common knowledge got weird, so I decided to remove this added time-stealer. Blogging has been an invasion of my personal time in itself, Facebook just took on more of my precious time with my family.

It had it's good times, but that little voice inside of me kept saying "You better watch out. You better be careful." So I am.

So to everyone who communicated with me through Facebook, please contact me through my blog or email.



Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I completely understand.

I joined facebook as a way to "spy" on my older son, who had joined it. I wanted to make sure he is being safe on the computer.

But it is a time robber, for sure.

I do have to hit it about once a week, just to check on him, along with my daily check of the school's announcements and weekly check of the online grade reports.

gemoftheocean said...



Ebeth said...

Barb, great idea. I'm impressed you only hit it once a week! Wow

Thanks Karen.

Anonymous said...

I deactivated my account too - for the same reasons, basically.

So there ya go!

BTW, any news about the priest who wants a blog for the parish?

Adrienne said...

I only like Facebook for seeing what folks are up to in their life. I have always been very interested in what others are doing. I'm the guest that actually wants to look at your wedding album. I'm not sure if it's a gift or a curse....

That being said, I ignore the requests, the "add-ons", and all the other stuff. Facebook takes up at most about 5 minutes per day.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I don't do facebook either..too time-consuming..

Anonymous said...

just found your blog via soul pockets, and though i may be a "liberal" (yikes! am i still welcome here?), i totally get what you're saying about facebook. i recently did my own facebook related post on one of my blogs, which is here, if you're interested.

interesting blog. i'll be back...

Ebeth said...

Liberals, conservatives, independents, whatever! You are certainly welcome. Thanks for the visit.

I certainly know what you mean by feeling old....mostly I just felt out of control and wasting lots of precious time!

Nice to meet the pictures on your blog and the title saying.