Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you a Republican, a Democrat, Independent, or are you some kinda wild animal?

This mud-slinging, character-bashing, child-harassing, race card-flashing, nonsense is amazing and truly immature! I have become increasingly alarmed at this mentality of our nation. Friends are at arms against friends, family against family over party affiliations, neighbors are pulling up other neighbor's signs, name calling, harassing, this down right meanness is out of control!

What are we, wild animals? What examples are these political figures making of themselves in behaving like this to our younger generation? Does anyone care what the children see? Does anyone care about the vicious cycle this creates?

It occurs to me that serving this country takes more than just brains, bravery, and passion. It also takes several...and I mean SEVERAL layers of skin to protect oneself from the hate that is emitted from the country's citizens.

All I want to know from the candidates is this:

1. Do you have enough experience to do the job?
2. Do you know what the job entails?
3. Do you have people skills to get along with Congress?
4. Do you know enough about the issues to make good choices?
5. Are you Pro-life, do you respect all life's phases? (and define it when it begins!)
6. Do you want to be President because you WANT to SERVE the PEOPLE?
7. Do you know what people to chose for good council FOR the PEOPLE
8. Do you want to make a POSITIVE mark in History?
9. Are you brave enough to let your Christian values reflect your decisions?
10. Do you really care about what's happening down here with the little people?

If you can't answer YES to each and EVERY question of mine......SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Amen to that!

Adrienne said...

Well said!

P.S. My dumb brother is harassing me with anti-McCain/Palin stuff. I can't believe he is so stupid at the age of almost 66. Being a lapsed Catholic is really at the heart of his problems.....

Adrienne said...

...and it makes me very sad!