Monday, August 25, 2008

A poem from Sarah

I received special permission to post this:

My Dog
by Sarah

I have a dog
who was friends with a frog

The dog's name was frog
the frog's name was dog

They went for a jog
and met their friend hog

Frog, dog and hog
got stuck in the fog

They jumped on a log
and dog broke his nog

Hog and frog continued the jog
they jogged right into a bog

Hog slipped on the bog
and broke his nog

Frog continued the jog
and met a girl frog

He and the girl frog
had a polywog

...and the girl frog
wrote about the polywog
in her blog.

Thank you.

1 comment:

Therese said...

great poem Sarah. You must be very proud Ebeth.