Sunday, June 1, 2008

What is Chittister's book doing in the parish's library!????

Looky, looky what I found in the Catholic parish I belong too: "Women, Ministry and the Church" by none other than the unimaginative "Sr." Joan Chittister. Just the person that should be writing about women's role in the Roman Catholic Church, don't cha think?

Wanna hear some of her dribble? In chapter 13 (coincidental?), "The Role of Religious Communities in the Peace Movement; To Teach Holy Disobedience," this so-called nun compares the Catholic Church's teachings with that of Hitler's Nazi Germany. She uses some study that compared authoritarianism in West Germany and American adolescents conducted in 1973 where

"Authoritarianism - the willingness to submit to authority and the need to
dominate others - had been a pre-war hallmark of Nazi Germany. Prepared by
Bismarch's military regime and nourished by Hitler through the Nazi Youth Corps,
this disposition to blind obedience to official command was later pointed to by
social psychologists to explain the compliance of German Christians in the
Jewish holocaust. The astonishing conclusion of Lederer's study was
that by 1973 German teenagers had become even less authoritarian than their
American counterparts even though they had much further to come in their
development of anti-authoritarian principles.
What may be even more telling are the findings of Stanley Milgram from
1966-1974. Nearly two-thirds of the participants in a study to determine
the degree to which subjects were weilling to inflict pain on another individual
simply because they had been directed to do so by an authority figure complied

She goes on to say: To make matters worse, D.C. Bock researched the relationship between religious beliefs and obedience to destructive commands and concluded: "Religious beliefs and behaviors are related to obedience. A clear trend of refusal to yield to authority was noted in non-believers. Moderate believers were consistently high in the delivery of shock, but believers were the most obedient, delivering more shock than any other group.

She blames the Church and all religious for war? For Hitler's regime's success? The Jewish Holicause?...Excuse me?

This is totally bizarre!

Ok, for those of you that don't know this so-called Catholic nun, Joan Chittister is a member of the "Call to Action" group that claim to be Catholic, but want their cake and eat it too, with married priests, women priests, gay priests, and whatever else.....oh yeah, to ease up on the contraception OMGosh!!

She has written many books and such and wants the women to be able to priest.

My take: Years ago, I watched a PBS documentary on the Church and women talked about being priests. There was a close-up of a nun with BIG tears in her eyes as she whinned about waiting her whole life to be a priest and that the Church won't let her and she feels cheated, to paraphrase her. I thought to myself, what a waste of a life!! Why she never even gave God the choice? She just spends her time crying over something that is not meant to be.

I would put this Chittister person in the same league as that Ellen Degeneris. Both are being used, mere instruments of sinful, selfish, evil views. These ladies are being shown across the TV screens and lecture tours with the limelights shining and their lives seem pretty bigtime, but they are being used by Satan to change the face of societal morals. Chittister, for her woeful lack of imagination and refusal to listen to God and do as He commands, and Degeneris for her sinful private life and immoral behavior in the public eye. Both are being used.

Pray for them and for our world.


gemoftheocean said...

I hope you did something practical, like hide the thing behind back copies of something people never look at.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I organized our Secular Franciscans/parish library last month, and had to purge a few books by Chittister and a some others of her ilk.
Who maintains your parish library? They need to know about what's in there!