Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tell me again why Homosexuals want to be MARRIED??

Again, California is playing the yo-yo game with the homosexual population, banning marriage, unbanning marriage, and possibly another ban again in November, but the homosexual population rushes out to greet the publicity with fervor. Once again, we must hide the children, change radio stations, and turn off the news when these stories come on. I, for one, feel disappointed in the "system" as they are thumbing their noses at the nucleous of our society, the family.

The Catechism states:
2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

From the legal order

9. Because married couples ensure the succession of generations and are therefore eminently within the public interest, civil law grants them institutional recognition. Homosexual unions, on the other hand, do not need specific attention from the legal standpoint since they do not exercise this function for the common good.

Nor is the argument valid according to which legal recognition of homosexual unions is necessary to avoid situations in which cohabiting homosexual persons, simply because they live together, might be deprived of real recognition of their rights as persons and citizens. In reality, they can always make use of the provisions of law – like all citizens from the standpoint of their private autonomy – to protect their rights in matters of common interest. It would be gravely unjust to sacrifice the common good and just laws on the family in order to protect personal goods that can and must be guaranteed in ways that do not harm the body of society.(17)

The media is having it's usual fun as the eighty year old couple is labeled as heros, and another lesbian couple is covered explaining to the interviewer why being married is so important. As I posted earlier this month, co-habitation is on the rise and society seems to be fairly desensitized to it, so what gives? Co-habitation is a sinful alternative lifestyle, why? because there is no formal promise, vow, and as a Catholic, no sacramental union in place. Why do we need this? Living together as husband and wife is meant to be a love union that is blessed with children. These children raised any other way than by a father and mother are robbed of security, a clear sense of who they are, and where they come from. Broken marriages, single parenting, and homosexual parenting are NOT in the best interest of the children. Single parenting and broken marriages are so the norm now, but are you watching how the schools are doing? Teachers are having more and more problems with behavior and violence from their students, who are angry, insecure, and many are ignored, left to their own resources.

Homosexual parenting is selfish and inconsiderate situations that do not have the children's best interest in mind.


Rosemary said...

Why do they want to be married? Because it lends their lifestyle moral legitimacy, it says to the world that their sexual activity is equivalent to that of marriage. I believe this is what they want. They think that if the society confers some kind of moral legitimacy than their shame will be eased, I think. It's very, very sad. It is not going to help them at all because their guilt is coming from within, from natural law. Legalizing "same-sex marriage " will just lead others into sin. Lord have mercy.

Deanna said...

This is such a can of worms and if you ever disagree with homosexual marrigae, it's as if you are homophobic and uncompassionate and judgemental. Homosexuality in the church is also prevelant in some places and any word againest practicing homosexuals is considered un-christian. Since when did every "alternative" have to become an actual option for people? I need to stop. We must pray for our country to come to its' senses.

Soul Pockets said...

I agree with the above. If we are against homosexual marriage or acts we are close minded and homophobic. If we teach our children that this lifestyle is wrong than we are teaching hate. Meanwhile we and are children are subjected to co-habitation, children out of wed lock, abortion, and the absence of sanctity in a marriage. The media and our society want us to be ok with these things. The world is backwards right now. We do need to pray, and not be quite so silent.

Anonymous said...

It's fascinating how different American-branded Catholicism is from that in other English-speaking countries such as Britain, Australia or New Zealand. Sort of closer to fundamentalist Pentecostalism...