Friday, June 20, 2008

Kissing rings, fiddling, and sticking out a tongue

Talk about feeling good about a day. As a cradle Catholic and being more in the know than many Catholics that I know, today marks my graduation from hum-drum Catholic to real live, ready for the Vatican-type Catholic!

Our 13 year old daughter, who plays the violin beautifully, was asked to play for the Bishop as he visited a nearby parish today. I beamed as we watched her playing as the bishop processed to the altar.

During the time before Mass began, my youngest daughter dared me to kiss the bishop's ring, reading that in something recently, I took the bait. Actually, knowing the the pope wants the American Catholics to return to kneeling and receiving communion on the tongue, I dared her back that she I will, on the tongue. She chickened out on the communion reception, but I persevered. Knowing that I am the example for my children, who have been Americanized in their Catholic worship practices (as I have been), I put myself on the block and said, "Do as I am doing, girls." They both didn't, but they saw me receive communion on my tongue.

After Mass, there was time to meet and greet the bishop. When it was our time to speak to the him, he complimented my violinist and asked both girls' names. When it was my turn, he smiled as I gently took his hand and kissed his ring.

They are in awe. Step 1 completed.


Nadja said...

Good for you! I believe in the old decorum,despite the fact that many American bishops are uncomfortable with the gesture, but I tell people that it is not the bishop I am honoring, but the dignity of his office.

As an aside, I am often tempted to kiss the hand of a priest who blesses me or my family, and I will always kiss the hand of a newly-ordained priest!

EC Gefroh said...

Good for you!! Your daughter must be very talented.

Argent said...

I always have to rub off my lipstick smear off his ring. He doesn't let go of my hands immediately I surreptitiously rub off the "Red Rhapsody" lip mark. One time, I missed and kissed the hem of his lace rochet. ACK! Do you think he felt power leave him?