Sunday, June 15, 2008


To my beloved husband, my best friend, the knight-in-shining armour.

Oh, I can not begin to type the words on the pillars that would completely describe my grateful heart for the gift of you.

Delighted, elated, educated, and sedated at times in your presence.

Beyond comprehension each day, as you waltz into the kitchen to make coffee to the moment you drive in the driveway returning from a day of research.

You come back to me.

Yes, through happy and sad, sickness and health you persevere in loving me.

Your smile is my sunshine, a roadsign of your devotion.

Your hands warm and strong in the simplest times.

Your shoulders broad and valiant to carry our family along

You have a calmness that plays compliment to my flights

Through all the years, not a day goes by that as your helpmate, I don't look to the heavens and say "Thank you, Dear Father for him"

Thank you, Dear Father, thank you very much.


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