Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Women: Their purpose and vocation

God created us to be the helpmate for man. Man found no equal partner in creation before God created woman. At that moment, woman was a sight and delight for man. In the beginning, man was appreciative of woman and woman fulfilled her purpose with procreation and companionship.

To the ancients, women were as servants, sexual outlets, and low-class citizens. Women were subjected to strict rules of conduct, dress, and activity without input or concern.

As the years and decades passed by, women were not treated any better with knowledge in the many cultures of the world. In the 60's and 70's, women decided that they had had enough and began to rebel, burning bras, calling men, having sex at every turn, wearing men's clothes, and taking on men's jobs; women decided that they were equal and it was time men realized it and sucked it up.

During this time, women were joining places that men were only allowed and making noise about it. They decided that they had as many rights as men, chiseling away the differences that made such a compliment to our nature.

Today, women are fighting for equal pay for equal work...I agree with this wholeheartedly!! Women are entering colleges and universities at record numbers and graduating in a larger percentage than men. They are smart, strong, independent, and capable of running corporations, universities, and countries.

My question is: Who is home raising, teaching, training, and loving the next generation?

More tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

One of the things that I noticed even back in my feminist days is that a lot of the real leaders of the movement were men. I think certain aspects of the feminist movement- free sex, women as age earners and the massive rise in pornography has been quite nice for some men.