Sunday, May 11, 2008

What does Mother's Day mean to me?

Nine months of excitement, the same thrice
New clothes, stares, and much advice
Some aches and pains, but a glow divine
Spousal spoiling, adoring, the loving kind
Family support, excitement, and plans

Some fear, more love, prayers all around
Delivery date draws near, preparations begin
The day arrives, excitement peaks!
Procedures, protocols, progress, Oh My!
Push, Puuush! That's it, keep pushing
Here we go, well, it's a girl, or a boy!
Here dad do you first get to hold?
Looking at daddy, tears down his cheeks.

Home with the others, the siblings smiling
Nursing in the wee hours, a quiet peace
Diapers, gurgles, playful and giggling
Smiles in the grocery store from people abound
At the sight of these toeheads with eyes of blue
Daddy coming home with dibs on all hugs.

Growing up, three charges from the Divine Father
Full of love and dependence on their mother's love
Faces in the morning, at noon, and at night
Cooking, cleaning, the cat box, and bedrooms
Chore charts and bike gears to oil and keep
Books in the kitchen, lessons on the board
A problem with math? Call daddy at work!

The white dress, a lovely Edwardian fare
Sewn by mom's nervous hands so tense
and a veil by a Godmother, oh so rare
Special days for each at their blessed sacraments
The son got none, just a suit from the store
But both Mother and Dad happy and so proud

Eighty some dresses for two sisters, a pair
Smocked, laced, tucked, and ruffled
And so many more, as little girls grow
To wear to Mass, parties and family affairs
From the closet one day, daddy asks mommy,
"So when will you stop making more dresses?"

One charge is out, making his own
His sisters are still home, learning, playing,
Musical, playful, cheerful, and spiteful
Daddy doles the allowances, laughs, and jokes,
Mommy gets the taxi going to music lessons and errands
Referee the fights takes both mom and dad, at times
Wiping up tears, spills, and calming their fears.
The days turn into weeks, turn into months, then years.

As the days roll by, each one a gift
Prayers for the "little ones" never cease
Our blessed Mother gave such a lesson
In how to be mom to a masterpiece divine
Our brother, Jesus, teaches us direction on
loving, forgiving, and praying all the time

Motherhood is splendid, worthwhile and sublime
With every morning dawning the greetings and grumps,
It's ok, I wouldn't trade them in
Thank you dear Father, for giving me this job!


gemoftheocean said...

Beautiful thoughts.

Marie said...

I am sure you are a blessing to your family Ebeth:).

Peace & love to you:)

Marie xoxooxox