Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Saint Sarah: St. Peter of Nolasco

St. Peter was born near the end of the twelfth century, in Paris, near Barcelona. He belonged to a family of merchants, who traveled across the Mediterranean Sea. As Peter traveled he noticed all of the Christian slaves in North Africa. His heart went out to his brothers and sisters in Christ, and he used his own money to ransom as many slaves as he could. St Raymond of Penafort, Archdeacon of Barcelona organized a group of lay people for this purpose, and Peter helped lead it. The group became an order witch was under the guidance of Our Lady of Ransom. The members of the order were called Mercedarians. They made a vow to chastity, poverty, obedience, and for giving their freedom and their own lives for the freedom of the slaves. Peter spent his live traveling around the world ransoming hundreds of slaves. He died around the year 1256. The order he helped to found is still working today to free slaves from around the world.

This is a requirement for Sarah's religious studies.

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