Monday, May 26, 2008

Catholic Carnival #174

Welcome to the Catholic Carnival at the Pillars! This has been the smallest carnival I believe I have ever hosted...easy for me, however as I have been busy working on my writing, online theology courses at Notre Dame, and finishing our school year at our homeschool, St. Ann's Academy with the California Achievement testing (CAT) last week.

A note about my take on these Catholic Carnivals, there have been submissions from atheists who wish to be heard, from rather "off-the-cuff" folks who just want to challenge the moderation of these carnivals and I kindly let them know that they came in vain. In a world where very little is taught to be right and wrong concretely, I say that the Catholic Church is concrete in her stand on sin, life, and circumstances. It is not alright to be a "free-thinker" if it means turning your back on God willfully. It is here in the Catholic Church that we see truth, love, and a standard from which to live by. Sin is real and takes many forms that even the most devote Christian can miss, the Evil one is alive and kicking and waiting for the next weak moment. In comes the Catholic Carnivals to provide inspiration, instruction, and fellowship. The Catholic Carnival is a place with which all can come and see what we Catholics are up to, learning, loving, and sharing.

So, come one, come all to the greatest place on earth (next to attending Mass) where more than 2 are gathered and Jesus is among us in our words, deeds, and minds together as the one body of Christ. Come be inspired, learn something, get to know us Catholics as we are, in love with Christ and the triune God!

Introducing a new "kid" in town...
Mother Frangelico...has a new blog! Her submission from her blog, Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment, is one of her more serious ones. Here in her post, Blessed Trinity, she explains the beauty of the Trinity and how prayerful quiet time is in order to help in vocation discernment. Be it married, single, cloistered, priesthood all must take time to process prayerfully what God is calling us to be. Great new find in Catholic blogworld!

David, from his blog, Apostolate of the Laity, has something to say about our country and the upcoming election in his post, "Change". Please read this, I feel that it is important to know why we vote and what are we really needing to see for the future of our country. Thanks, David!

Elena LaVictoire presents More Holy Water Fonts posted at My Domestic Church. I have always wanted a font and what great way to get the kids involved....I need instructions, Elena, for my girls to make me!!

Heidi shares a post, "Scars" from her blog, Mommy Monsters On the third-year anniversary of their children's adoption, Heidi ruminates over the circumstances that brought their family together, and how the scars of their early lives will affect her children in the long term.

Adoro wrote a beautiful post on the 19th of May that I can't wait to share with you! In her post, "Worth the Price?" she tells us how the crucified Christ and the homily put together a realization that she (as well as many of us) has a hard time wrapping her brain around.. Christ thinking that all of us part and parcel are worth his passion. Thanks, Adoro!

With this thought in mind, Kimberly finds peace in God's presence one night in her post, "One month with the Blessed Virgin, Part 1" in which she shares her feelings about how Mary leads us to her son. This is a wonderful encouraging share and I thank you, Kimberly! Check her out at her blog, Transitus Tiber.

From "Behold Your Mother" Heidi shares her post,"On Corpus Christi", with us an original meditation (in the style of her book, "Behold Your Mother") about the feast Corpus Christi, from Mary's perspective.

On a lighter note, Athanasius Contra Mundum presents 50 Days After: Captain Catholic: The Movie posted at 50 Days After. I watched 4 of the episodes and they are funny, goofy, and not for young children due to language issues and over-the-head material. Thank you Athanasius for your bringing this to our attention.

Growing Catholics and continuing the journey of conversion is constant, here Matthew S presents Garden Update: Bio-diversity? posted at Play the Dad? No, be the Dad!. How a simple day in the garden can get you thinking about the need to look at yourself in the mirror.

Steven, from book Reviews and More, posts an essay he wrote called, "The Death Penalty as Social Sin - An Essay", where he looks at the death penalty, especially through the book Deadman Walking and analyzing it by Gregory Baum's four levels of social sin. An essay written for a religious studies course called 'Evil'. Amazing essay, Steven!

While we are on the subject of death and evil, Michael Snyder has some questions How Far Do We Take This "War On Terror"? posted at Shattered Paradigm.

Let's end with a saint report, Jean, from Catholic Fire, has a great one, "St. Phillip of Neri, the humorous saint, the Apostle of Rome." St. Phillip of Neri served as a confessor spending hours in the confessional and as a converter of many with his charm, humor, and love for Christ. May we all be sent forth from Mass to love and serve the Lord as our dear St. Phillip of Neri did as one of his quotes states:
"Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and makes us persevere in a good life. Therefore the servant of God ought always to be in good spirits."


Matthew S said...

Thanks for hosting, great job done and I know what you mean about all the atheists that submit, I was tempted to respond to the article sent to me in a blog post adjacent to the carnival when I hosted. Maybe I should write a generic article about it, we shall call it ORC'ing. Oh, and check out some adjacent posts on my blog to see the hailstorm we got that slightly injured a few plants in our garden, measured 2.5" hail.

Under the Mercy,

Matthew S

Therese said...

Great job Ebeth. Lots of good reads here it looks like. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

One little correction - it's "St. Philip Neri", not "St. Philip of Neri." (The medal around my neck reads 'SANCTVS PHILIPVS NERIVS'....)