Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Alphabet Meme

Therese from Aussie Coffee Shop tagged me and I am glad to have a diversion!

The theme for this meme is that using the 26 letters of the alphabet you will express who you are, what you do, your interests, what matters to you etc….and you have to write it within 26 minutes…I haven’t seen this anywhere, though I’m sure it’s so obvious an idea that other bloggers have done it before!...

A.Attitude, good or bad, I try to be livable
B.Brainiacs is how I would describe the 3 people I live with!
D. Determined to get my Master Catechist certification....THIS YEAR
E. Elizabeth
F. Funny, sometimes
G. God is my co-pilot
H. Heaven is where I want my family to meet
I. Intelligent, is my knight-in-shinning armour
J. Joy in the Lord
K. Knight-in-shinning husband
L. LOvE my family
M. Marshall, my first masterpiece
N. No, the word my children much?
O. Open to life, liberty and a conservative nation!
P. Peaceful, I try to get my children to be
Q. Quality of life here at the Pillars is blessed
R. Rebecca my second masterpiece
S. Sarah, my youngest masterpiece
T. True to Christ and His Church
U. Unity
V. Victorious
W. My last name starts with
X. X-traudiary, Is that a word?
Y. Yearning to be the best mom and wife
Z. Zipping though this meme with lightning speed!

I tag, Steven, Karen, Deanne, and whoever else wants to jump in.


Therese said...

Great answers Ebeth. I was sorry to read about your MCC. ((((HUGS)))

Steven R. McEvoy said...

My answers are up. Meme: Alphabet

Deanna said...

Thanks for tagging me.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea when i created this meme that so many people would participate in it! Thanks for taking part in it!

God Bless!