Friday, April 11, 2008

GK Chesterton - a fave of the Pillars

This is for Nick at PhatCatholic who at this moment is unindated with graduate school and needs to concentrate on his studies and all the writing.

Chesterton Day by Day

APRIL 11th

HIS soul will never starve for exploits or excitements who is wise enough to be made a fool of. He will make himself happy in the traps that have been laid for him; he will roll in their nets and sleep. All doors will fly open to him who has a mildness more defiant than mere courage. The whole is unerringly expressed in one fortunate phrase -- he will be always 'taken in.' To be taken in everywhere is to see the inside of everything. It is the hospitality of circumstance. With torches and trumpets, like a guest, the greenhorn is taken in by Life. And the sceptic is cast out by it.

'Charles Dickens.'

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