Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another Encyclical is coming!

Pope Benedict XVI has been pretty busy writing during his 3 year papacy so far! With 2 encyclicals and several letters, 2 moto proprios, and the Sacramentum Caritatis that was sooo big last year, he has yet a 3rd encyclical coming up within the next few weeks.

Our beloved Pope John Paul II's writings were very intelligent and well thought out, but I found them to be very hard to read, Benedict, on the other hand, has been a total delight! I can't wait for the next encyclical!

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Marie said...

When it comes to deep theological writings I go to sleep:(. I just cant seem to absorb really heavy material. But I loved the then Cardinal Ratzingers 'Salt of the Earth' and found it easy to understand.

Peace to you Ebeth:)

Marie xooxoxox