Friday, February 8, 2008

You Make the World a better place Award.

Jean, from Catholic Fire, has given the 'Pillars" this lovely award and I am deeply touched! Thank you so very much, Jean! You are truly a great blogger that inspires mwah daily!

Denise, Catholic Mom continues to inspire me as a catechist
Nicholas, Phat Catholic continues to teach me and lead me on as a catechist and mom
Steven, Book Reviews and more, continues to show me great reads to add to my HUGE pile
Jennifer, Et Tue?, continues to inspire me with her faith and devotion to Christ Jesus and His Church


Marie said...

Congratulations Ebeth:)

I truly enjoy reading your blog:).

Peace to you:)


phatcatholic said...

Since you mentioned my name, does that mean I just won the award too?