Tuesday, February 5, 2008

LENT: It's what's NOT for dinner

Lent, oh man.......here we go again, I have to give up eating something, sacrifice for 40 days......it's the dark time of the year!! Errrr, Uugh!!

NOW, wait a minute! Let's rethink this season, first by defining it. In the Webster's dictionary this is what is listed for lent: "Lent (lent) n. the spring, the lengthening of the days in the spring." Spring!

Spring is a beautiful time of the year when we see the rebirth of nature! The birds come back and the air gradually gets warmer and the sun seems to shine just a bit brighter. If something didn't grown well last year, it has another chance, the plants that were newly planted last season seem to look healthier after a year of getting established. There just seems to be a new lease on life. Lent can be this for us as well. Think of it as a time to reclaim your soul!

This is the time of year when we can learn about ourselves, perfect a skill, change a bad habit. It is common knowledge that it takes a month (30 days) to make a new habit or change an old one...well, we have 40!

Does it mean that we should just quit eating candy for 40 days? Well, ok if you want to be non-adventurous, but what about changing a bad habit, working on a stronger prayer life, or reaching out to help another. What do you do that you know is wrong? Everyone has a small vice somewhere in their nature. I know I do and I am going to work on one that God has been talking to me about lately. This is going to be very hard for me, but He wants me to be a good example of His love to each other. A big job, but I have been chosen! So have you!

Don't just fast from the common place things like snacks, candy, or desserts, get creative! Listen to what God wants you to do...He knows what you need to change and He'll tell you too, if you just listen.


Marie said...

Ginny finds some amazing pieces from the net such as her post on Lent:).

Here is the link she found


"if you want to be non-adventurous, but what about changing a bad habit, working on a stronger prayer life, or reaching out to help another."

I like your thoughts on this and I hope to write about this aspect next week on our blog:).

Peace to you:)


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Excellent post, and I love the title!

May you have many blessings this Lent!

Ebeth said...

Thank you ladies! Peace and blessings to you and your families this Lent.

Hugs and prayers

Marie said...

I hope you dont mind that I linked my piece to yours? You came up with some great challenges for Lent, I simply expanded on it.

Lent is not about 'giving up something.' It IS about giving of yourself:).

Thankyou for the inspiration:).

Peace & a Holy Lenten Season:)