Friday, January 11, 2008

St. Report: St. Hilary, Doctor of the Sarah

St. Hilary was born into a distinguished family in Poitiers, Gaul. He was born a pagan, but embraced Christianity after study of the Bible. Hilary had married before conversion. He became bishop of Poitiers around 350. He was confronted by the Arian heresy and became a strong defender of the Church. He was exiled to Phrygia by the emperor, because of his beliefs. Around 360 he was ordered back to Gaul, for the council of Selucia, and defended the views of the Church known as the Nicaea. St. Hilary wrote many books, such as “De Trinitae”, “De Synodis”, and “Opus Historium”. They defend the catholic beliefs. St. Hilary died in 368.

He is an early doctor of the Church.

Almighty God, Father,
I know that I owe you this:
to serve you always with my thoughts and words.
Your gift of speech to me has no greater purpose than to be a servant proclaiming you,
Revealing to a world that does not know,
that you are the Father of the Only Begotten Son.
~St. Hilary

This report is a requirement for Sarah's religion studies.


Carol said...

Very nice.

gemoftheocean said...

St. Therese of Lisieux used to pray for priests especially. There's a nice book out there (that unfortunately I don't have at hand) that has some of her correspondence between herself and her spiritual brothers.