Wednesday, December 12, 2007

With Bated Breath, we wait!

The world of a young expectant mother waits with her in the months of her pregnancy with anticipation and excitement for the unborn child to arrive. Everyone close to her rallies and prepares with her as the time gets ever nearer. There are things to buy, things to make, things to clean, and things to clear away all in preparation for the child so loved and desired. With each month that passes, the family becomes more aware of the changes that will occur, for a child will make their world anew and different. No one in this little family will ever be the same, no one in this little world will ever know life without this new child in the months and years to come. This is as it is in the Christian family at the birth our Lord, Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago. The world was ever changed, for we have been accompanied by God made flesh and blood for our salvation. This is what Advent is all about, waiting and hoping with bated breath for the arrival of the child King. So, let us get the things to make, things to buy, and the things to clean and clear out like sin and temptation, vices and old ways in preparation for the Christmas season. How wonderful it is that we have seasons dedicated to getting things cleared out and prepared for our futures.


Marie said...

What a beautiful reflection:). Christmas is indeed a time to reflect on the year which is about to pass by.

A time to make 'all things new' but only with God's help.

Christmas is more than the giving and receiving of presents. It is a time to rejoice and to celebrate the gift we are to each other and most importantly that God was born in a stable to Give Life to us all.

Thankyou Ebeth:) I have written something similiar which I will post up tomorrow.

Peace & JOY to you:)


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed!

Ebeth said...

Marie, Can't wait to read it!

Hi Jackie! How's it going!??

Kitchen Madonna said...

Truely, this is a lovely post Ebeth. Inspiring.


Ebeth said...

Hey KM! I wanna have a pomtini with those sugary fritters you're frying up over at Apron World!