Monday, December 10, 2007

A Saint Report: St. Sarah

St. Nicholas was born in Asia Minor (Turkey) in the fourth century. When his parents died he gave all his money to charity. Once, a father was going to abandon his daughters to a life of sin because he had no money for them to get married. Nicholas, hearing about this, came and tossed a sack of gold through the window, which was for the oldest daughter. He came a second time and tossed another sack of gold for the second daughter. The father was so happy, that he kept watch for him. When Nicholas came a third time, the poor father saw him and thanked him over and over again. Later, Nicholas became a bishop. One time he saved three men from being put to death. He made the accuser admit that he had been offered money to get rid of the men.

St. Nicholas died in Myra,Italy. There, a basilica was built over his tomb. When his relics were brought to Bari,Italy, the city became a famous shrine for pilgrims. St. Nicholas is the patron of sailors, prisoners, and children. He is also the patron saint of Russia.

This report is a requirement for Sarah's religion studies.

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